Why Blockchain World Needs Oracle?

Blockchain is the perfect medium for constant storage, information recording and command execution. However, on-chain networks cannot interact with trusted information spontaneously without assistance from external nodes. An oracle is just working as the decentralized bridge between blockchain and trusted information, allowing smart contracts to give response to external environment with no boundaries.Learn more

Why Existing Oracles Cannot Meet Demands From DeFi Derivatives?

The current oracle solutions in the market can be divided into two types. One is to collect data off chain and conduct the validation on chain. The common drawbacks of these oracles include low efficiency, poor timeliness and high gas fee, so they can only operate properly but with restrictions when related assets are not time sensitive. Another type is to collect data that have been generated on chain, but it suffers seriously when the market shows continuous one-directional trend like now.Learn more

What is Paul Protocol?

We designed our foundational architecture based on current cross-chain networks, which has introduced and modified based on the quoting system used by global top organizations in high-frequency automatic trading for single benchmark in multiple trading scenarios. Pledged asset quoting and arbitrage validation are used to build real-time quoting validation mechanism. In extreme situations, a price curve can be generated more smoothly by statistical hypothesis-testing, which has higher practical value for Dapps compared with existing oracle solutions.Learn more

Advantages of Paul Protocol

  • Superior Performance and Timeliness

    The quoting efficiency of Paul Oracle is 5-10 times of that of existing oracles in the market, which can respond to the market change with the fastest speed.

  • Low Gas Consumption

    Compared with the expensive network fee of smart contracts on Ethereum network, the cost on Paul Oracle is controlled to the minimum level.

  • Resistant to Extreme Market Situations

    Driven by both valid quote and hypothesis-testing effective deal quote mechanism. The double-mechanism design ensures its quoting stability under extreme situations.

  • Multiple Chains and Cross-chain Integration

    We are working on supporting all high-performance public chains including BSC, HECO, SOL, etc. Final step is to integrate cross-chain protocol and launch cross-chain quoting.

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2021 Q2

  • Project launch of Paul
  • Token issued and listed on exchanges
  • Liquidity mining launched
  • Staking launched

2021 Q3

  • Official launch of Paul Oracle V1
  • Smart contract audit
  • Quoting mining started
  • Sword Man nodes voting completed and start operating

2021 Q4

  • Official launch of Paul Oracle V2
  • Multiple chain version Oracle launched
  • Hypothesis Testing function launched

2022 Q1

  • Cross-chain protocol integrated. Cross-chain quoting launched.
  • Successfully integrate the Paul-Price with 20+ Dapps
  • Become the oracle requested by the most Dapps in the market